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PVC Flooring


  • Easy to carry out construction work by spreading type
  • Economic
  • Wide range of options by diverse design
  • Good sense of touch by its soft material


Thickness Width Packing Stuffing q’ty(20ft)
0.35mm 2.0m 30m/roll 26,400m(880rolls)
0.50mm 2.0m 30m/roll 16,500m(550rolls)
0.60mm 2.0m 30m/roll 13,200m(440rolls)
0.70mm 2.0m 30m/roll 11,100m(370rolls)
1.00mm 2.0m 25m/roll 7,500m(300rolls)
1.20mm 2.0m 25m/roll 6,500m(260rolls)